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Tony Dos

Tony Dos - “The Sultan of Sunday”; “The Monday Night Maestro”

Tony Dos has been a sports handicapper for 14 years.  He moved to Las Vegas to be a professional poker player, and quickly found that sports wagering was his true calling.  Since then, he has been very successful in numerous online and Las Vegas casino handicapping contests for every major sport, highlighted by 8 consecutive-top 30 finishes in the prestigious Las Vegas Hilton NFL Supercontest.

Tony earned a graduate degree in mathematics, and has spent the better part of two years trying to find a way to use his expertise to beat the book, while “moonlighting” as a high school mathematics teacher.  The fruits of his labor, along with careful analysis of key statistical trends have produced reliable winning formulas. 

One of Tony’s key principles is that picking winners is only half the battle.  Money management is critically important to building your bankroll on a consistent basis.  The account managers at Double Digit Covers are well versed in Tony’s money management strategy and will give you the tools to beat your book too!


Handicapping Strategy:
I am a numbers guy, so my handicapping always begins with careful analysis of the data.  The best predictor we have for what will happen in the future is to study the past!  Years of experience has shown me which statistics most influence the outcome of any game in any sport, and I have developed numerous reliable “systems” based on this research that have given me a consistent and profitable winning edge.  However, I have learned over the years that “crunching numbers” doesn’t always tell the story.  There are other factors that can be the difference between winning and losing such as scheduling spots, emotional factors, and other situational dynamics.  I use all of these systems/strategies when deciding on plays that I make.

Best Sport to Handicap:
My plays in the NFL and NBA have been the source of my most consistent results.  However, I do have very successful systems for college football and basketball, as well as the NHL and MLB.  I like to focus on West Coast pro teams, as well as PAC-12 and Mountain West Conferences in college, but I definitely don’t rule any team or conference out when trying to find winners day in and day out.

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