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“Fights” In Football

November 6, 2017 | NFL

By Tony Dos

Maybe I’m just a little bent because my unblemished Fantasy Football record this year was tarnished thanks to 2 “fights” in the NFL this weekend (thanks A.J. Green and Carlos Hyde), but what are these guys thinking?  See A.J. Green’s “fight” HERE.  I was at the Niners game on Sunday and the eruption in the seats when the boys started pushing and shoving in that game was almost comical.

I understand that the NFL will likely want to send a message and lay down some suspensions, particularly to Green and Ramsey.  But please, let’s not call it a fight.  Call it an “altercation,” or “unsportsmanlike conduct.”  But please don’t insult hockey fans by calling it a fight.  None of the “combatants” on Sunday learned a lesson, or will think twice about acting a fool next time the 2 teams meet. 

To (somewhat) quote Crocodile Dundee, “That’s not a fight… That’s a fight.”

Stop Guessing, Start Winning.