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October 31, 2017

By Tony Dos

People ask me all the time what “systems” I follow to make my wagers.  The truth is, that there is no “magic system” that guarantees you make money betting sports.  In fact, many of the systems out there have no real correlation to data.  For instance, the big NFL “system” for years was to always fade the west coast team playing the morning game in the east.  Now, for years, that was profitable, but there was never really any support for this in the weekly match up data.  In other words, it was dumb luck- or more than likely, it was because the NFL was dominated by eastern-time-zone based teams (Dal, Was, NE, NYG, etc)!  By the way, this “system” has been shredded over the past several years, as Pacific Time Zone-based NFL teams have become more consistent and competitive.

There are a number of factors that go in to picking sports winners against spread day in and day out.  Obviously, I am a numbers guy, so most of my research is done looking at data and analyzing match-ups.  However, you can’t be single-minded.  Games are not played on paper, so you can’t discount other factors, such as look-ahead spots, team turmoil, and especially injuries.

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